Sunday, November 29, 2009

Georgian newspaper resists "blackmail" threat

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BatumelebiAn independent newspaper in Georgia claims government officials are attempting to "blackmail and intimidate" the head of its investigative journalism unit in order to get his "assistance and cooperation."

The Batumi-based weekly, Batumelebi, has vowed to resist the threats and has gone public with information which Georgia’s Special Operations Department (SOD) threatened to release.

Batumelebi says that on 25 November, Tedo Jorbenadze, the head of the newspaper’s investigative journalism unit, was summoned to the Interior Ministry to discuss some "personal matters."

According to the newspaper, Jorbenadze informed the director and editor-in-chief before going along for the meeting, but they were not allowed to accompany him.

Jorbenadze says officials from SOD showed him what appeared to be cropped black and white photographs of the journalist with some semi naked men.

The newspaper claims Jorbenadze was told that the images would be released and circulated on the internet if he didn’t offer the authorities "assistance and cooperation."


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